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Registration date: 6th Nov 2016
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Location: Cats, SA
About me
I like to write and draw and do stuff with colours, but my favourite pastime is screaming into the eternal void.

(any pronouns, pm me if u wanna fite bro)

SekaNeko543's comics
Surro loves stars. He'd do anything to be able to see them shining in the sky for once.
And so, he becomes part of an experiment to revive the stars.
His possessions have been given away, his relatives notified, and his name has been erased from any and all records.
For all purposes of the world, Surro does not exist. He has already made his choice.
Prince Surro the IV wakes up to yet another day of royalty in the land of Stars.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Last update: 31st Mar 2017
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Stumble (Old)
The old version of stumble. Pre - remake.
Last update: 5th Jan 2017
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My adorable kohai. Once dumped me in the Pacific ocean with just a mango.