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Selkey's Profile
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Registration date: 4th Aug 2012
Last seen: 16th Nov 2018, 10:27 AM
Posts: 36
Comments left: 206
Ratings given: 4.95 / 57
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Location: Possibly Tungletown
About me
A complete mess of a Creative Writing major but I'm trying my best.

Selkey's comics
Is It Our Bones?
A comic about identity, memory, strange worlds, and at least several monsters.

Updates are generally pretty frequent (5-7 pages a week) but can vary depending on my classes.

Last update: 27th Feb 2017
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You Find Yourself In A Room
An online archive of pictures of the eraserboard CYOA I run in my dorm for the reference of readers. Feel free to submit commands through the comments but please do not submit commands over here if you live in my dorm since you can... Just kind of write it on the board its on my door and I'm more likely to see it there.

YFYIAR takes place in the world but alternate universe of Is It Our Bones? so while you can theoretically use this adventure to uncover lore it also does not necessarily depict canon events or situations.
(apologies for the picture quality I take them with my phone camera)

Last update: 22nd Feb 2017
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Art Pile
A place to put all the extra art I do for IIOB and any of my other stories I wish to share!
All the warnings for all the possibilities to be safe.

Last update: 14th Jan 2017
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Is It Our Bones? - Old Pages
A site for pages of 'Is It Our Bones?' ( I have since redrawn! I'll be trying to keep them in their original order for reading/reference purposes but each will be titled with their page number, the version, and the date I made them on/uploaded the page depending.
Last update: 13th Jan 2017
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Selkey's Shorts
A place to upload the shorter comics I've done over time.
Last update: 14th Jan 2017
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In the Papercraft City
Comics and doodles related to being many people in one mind.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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