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Registration date: 8th Aug 2017
Last seen: 7th Jan 2019, 6:16 AM
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About me
This is my third move from Comic Hosting sites. Other sites are so hypocritical, it's honestly freaking annoying. So here I am!

Smut interests me, so I make a lot of it, whether I mean to or not.

Hobby artist, aspiring author, avid gamer, cringe master

Sephi902's comics
The Captain Crusade
A group of weirdos with absolutely no experience whatsoever decide they want to go be pirates because they are bored with their lives. They literally have no other reason to pirate.

On a journey to find a captain to man their crew! They don't want the responsibility so why not find someone to take it? Who knows who they'll meet along the way!

Last update: 29th Dec 2018
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Kokoya's Monster Cafe
In alternate earth where monsters roam happily, they take advantage of their abilities and appearances to make one of the most successful monster cafes in town! It'll be kinda hard fitting in as a simple human. The beasts help her find her place on the team and give her the self-confidence boost she definitely needs.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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