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Hello there! I'm Sequoia the Storyteller, and I like to spin wild yarns, usually fantasy (occasionally with a bit of sci-fi undertaste, ha :D ). I deal very often in dragons and other fantasy beasts and I have a number of invented worlds knocking around in my head. Accidental Elemental is far and away not the only story of mine. :)

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Accidental Elemental Accidental Elemental
Parch the Dragon inhabits a world which once sang with magic. But hundreds of years ago this magic mysteriously faded. Dragons, once aglow, are now reduced to plain scaly beasts with an almost primal lifestyle. But Parch, without a known cause, was born with magical fire abilities. He and his brothers, Scorch and Scald, are the only ones who know... and they must keep it secret for the sake of Parch's life. Parch will ultimately be drawn to find out what happened to his world's magic all those centuries ago.

As of April 2022, progress on the comic is a bit slowed lately, so I've been updating every two weeks. Weekly updates will resume as soon as possible!

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