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Serra Britt
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Registration date: 12th Feb 2017
Last seen: 24th Oct 2019, 12:37 AM
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About Me
I am a trans girl artist who loves writing and video games.

Too obvious, since I write a webcomic? XD

A little bit more about me then. Video games is easy. I have been playing games since I was three years old. Possibly earlier but my memory is a bit fuzzy before that. Writing came later. I struggled with it until college, when I finally got an idea on how to really write, and I also joined a writing club who wrote serialized stories for each other, which was a blast. I did, however, stop doing that for a while. Then, most recently, I discovered that I really, truly love to draw. Am I the best at it? Nah. Is it frustrating at times? Definitely. But I love it. It's something that, clearly, I have wanted to do for a while. And now I do, and I hope you all enjoy the journey with me :)

Serra Britt's Webcomics
Rule Buster Breaker
Rosa is a detective from Las Vegas and finds her way into another world, with completely different rules of reality. Or are they? Rosa actually doesn't see a difference except for the people of the world being confused by what she sees as normal, everyday occurrences. So what's happening? Will she manage to figure it out? And will she get home?

What would you do if the laws of reality stopped working the way you expected them to? Would you be mad? Confused? Scared? Or would you try to figure out what's going on? Maybe work it to your advantage?

Comic updates every Monday.

What to expect:
World hopping
Rule breaking
Violence (when appropriate)
Minor sexuality
Evolving art
Lazy or non-existent backgrounds

Last update: 29th Jul 2019
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