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Registration date: 18th Jul 2015
Last seen: 18th Feb 2017, 1:52 AM
Posts: 623
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Location: Canada
About me
Geek extreme from the Great White North! Huzzah!

I am a 27 year old female type person that has the remarkable ability to concentrate on one task for hours at a time. Outside of drawing comics I also do traditional art commissions.

Mediums I Use:
- Pencils
- Prismacolor Pencil Crayons
- Prismacolor Markers
- Acrylic on Canvas
- Watercolours
- Ink with pens or brushes
- Oil Pastels
- Chalk Pastels

ServerPanda's comics
Failsafe ZERO
They're the last of their kind and the world they live on is crumbling beneath their feet. Literally.

To what lengths will one woman and her friends go in order to save their people?

Contains: Violence.

Last update: 3rd Feb 2017
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Monster Hunter Club
Basil Fortune is a member of the elite monster hunting guild, Grand Exodus. Paid in gold and fame, hunters are also given a number of points with each kill, depending on their performance, that they can use to spend on outrageous weapons, armor, and even magical items! Can Basil become the richest hunter the world of Valerias has ever known?
Last update: 8th Dec 2016
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