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established 1994. gender iconoclast, part time paleographer, ink artist.

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Souls Foreclosed Souls Foreclosed
Oh ROTTEN WORLD in the pains of DEATH, sing one final song for us.

Of the DEMONS of LUCIFER and their fight against the VAMPIRE LORDS in their CATHEDRAL HALLS.
Of REAH and TABITHA, those unlikely companions, fated for LOVE and TRAGEDY. Of the twists and turns their ROAD to RUIN took.
Of ASTOR whose AIM was ever true. Of young JOEY STYX and his DEVIL EYES. Of ZEYNEB NAZAREDDIN and her great FOLLY.

In the pains of DEATH, give us an APOCALYPSE!

Last update: 4 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Sev Wildfang's Two-Fisted Tales Sev Wildfang's Two-Fisted Tales
All Jim wanted was to get as far away from her hometown as possible, on the one train leaving town cross-country: the October Express. Everything seems fine... and then the bodies start piling up. What a fine mess she's found herself in!

(Part of the "Murder On The October Express" Original Character Tournament 2022 - all characters used with explicit or implicit permission)

Last update: 2 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language

SevWildfang's Disciples
first and most valorous among those who work in grey-scale, it tackles the tough themes of how people can hurt each other with precision fitting to its name - the needle tip of a fencing sword, straight through the heart. also my friend!