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Hey there! I’m Sharon :)

I have some former experience working in freelance illustration, but now I’m working to be able to focus more on my passion projects!
Sunstrike and Bluemist’s Origin Story arc is about Kairo as he is forced to face some things he’s been avoiding while he trains Kat and Evan, who will one day be known to the world as Sunstrike and Bluemist.

The Angel Professor is a shorter story about a woman opening up to friendship for the first time after a lifetime of fearful solitude, and an angel who similarly opens up to his role as her guardian after years of drifting and remaining dormant.

I am an artist but even more than that, I am a storyteller—and I will jump at any chance to discuss storytelling with my readers or anyone!
I have a very simple YouTube channel called ShaRose Comics! where I share whatever’s on my heart about storytelling.

If you’ve read this far—thank you, you are awesome. Let’s keep creating wonderful stories!

ShaRose49's Webcomics
The Angel Professor The Angel Professor
Professor Joan's school is destroyed when she comes into possession of a myserious sceptre. That's when Yakob-- a reluctant guardian angel comes into the picture and reveals the unseen realm.

The Angel Professor is a dark fantasy webcomic rated T. (Warning for fantasy violence, occasional strong language, depictions of mental illness and suicidal thinking; and implied domestic abuse).

Last update: Yesterday
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Sunstrike and Bluemist: An Origin Story Sunstrike and Bluemist: An Origin Story
Kairo Takeishi, a world-weary agent for the Secret Police, is unexpectedly taken off the field to train two teenage siblings as recruits. The problem is that Kairo is also a double-agent, and his boss has a strange interest in this unique duo.

Sunstrike and Bluemist is a Superhero/Drama webcomic rated T. (Warning for occasional violence/abuse themes, depictions of mental illness and implied self-harm).

Last update: 26th Dec 2022
Violent Content
Blakk’s Legacy Blakk’s Legacy
Tad is a thoughtful boy who feels like he doesn’t quite fit in anywhere, so he begins to isolate himself from other people to better focus on his studies. One day, he rescues a strange mollusk-like creature being attacked by a cat, and finds that it can sing beautiful songs like a flute. Tad names her Pieper. But when he shows the creature to his mother, Tad learns the shocking truth about what Pieper is, where she came from, and who his father really is. Tad vows to make the journey to the world beneath our feet, and to become a better, stronger person than his dad ever was in the process.

(This is a Slugterra fan comic that I’m doing as an experiment. It’s inspired by the Into the Shadows arc, and focuses on young Thaddeus D. Blakk’s perspective and backstory. It will probably be a bit on the shorter side and may update pretty slow with no set schedule, since I have a busy life usually. However, I am very excited to try this!)

Last update: 14th Mar 2021
Sunstrike and Bluemist Art Sunstrike and Bluemist Art
Just a place to cram the pieces of art I’ve received from my friends, family, readers, and from art trades and commissions.
Last update: 5th Sep 2020