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ShadeProductions's Profile
Registration date: 4th Sep 2014
Last seen: 28th Dec 2014, 4:05 AM
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Location: In a freaking dessert
About me
I am a comic writer/drawer, I have these stories and ideas in my head that I want to let out so here I go. What I like? Music, funny fails (mainly faceplants), comedy, and of course... writing and drawing stories along with fan art and fan stories. What I don't like? Dumb stuff that would annoy people but not idioticy, or stupidity if they're meant to be funny. I am easily tempered by arrogance, full selfishness (as long as it is not someone making it all about them) and insults. I will take rude critiques but just expect some angry comment by me, after I blow some steam, I will check what you have critiqued and apologise if I have noticed what you say is true. If you have questions, complaints, points to make, recommendations, or compliments, let me know and I will answer professionally.

ShadeProductions's comics
Shade Productions Illustrations
Shade Productions is a non-pornographic comic and animations group founded by Parker Sims who wanted to make comics since he was a boy. It may not have sex in these comics but these drawings are worth seeing.
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