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Registration date: 18th Nov 2013
Last seen: 27th Jul 2016, 5:56 PM
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Location: Alaska
About me
I am simply trying to tell a story I feel compelled to tell. I like guns, plot, drawing, math, video games, and other stuff along those lines.

I am extremely new to the whole web-comic scene, and I have fears of its failure, but I think it's better to try and find out (in accordance with the popular saying) rather than to be afraid and never know.

I want to say that I keep my private life and online life EXTREMELY separate. I'll toss up basic things, but I've retained a lot of privacy between my two worlds, to where neither knows anything about the other.

If you happen to recognize me (which I seriously doubt) you can drop me a line, but I would appreciate it if you respected my privacy online.

About the doodling I do? If you have any questions at all, I'd be happy to answer. For now, thanks for reading!


Shadow99611's comics
The Chronicles of Tuesday West
Astaria, land of magic, anthropomorphic beings, and conflict.

Residing upon a very flimsily held peace, two nations stare each other down, and a tension hangs over the land. The largest nation, conceitedly named Astaria, has for the first time in its long history been challenged by the existence of a rival northern kingdom, Relignar.

The danger of all out war hangs immenently over the land, and the fate of the known world could very well rest upon one young mage, Felicia Day, and her mysterious blue traveling partner Tuesday West. What follows is a collection of notes and memoirs from Felicia Day documenting her travels during this time of crisis.

They are dubbed the Chronicles of Tuesday West.

Expect magic, sword fighting, death, wry humor, and the occasional epic quest.

Last update: 23rd Mar 2016
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