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Registration date: 8th Mar 2010
Last seen: 11th Oct 2018, 12:19 AM
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Location: Florida
About me
Hi everybody. Not much to say. I love comics and I love art, so I guess I spend a lot of my time on my computer. My cat hates me. I do a lot of horrors. That's really my thing. I grew up on 80's horror movies, like John Carpenter's 'The Thing' and also George Romero's 'Day of the Dead', both of which are still some of my favorites. My mother was always into horror, and at my request would read horror stories to me when I was just a small tot. I think this also contributed to my love of the genre. She would let me stay up late at night to watch horror movies with her. She was a cool mom, and I have her to thank for much up my talents.

I really don't know if I'll ever get professional at this. I think for now it's just for fun, and it's nice to have things to share. I'll do my best to keep up with the pages, but the night job and just plain old life can make it a challenge. So I hope you're all patient with me. I am no master at 3d art. I'm actually just a small pebble next to a lot of the giants out there. But hey, like i said, I just try to have fun with it. I'm still learning.

Anyway, I thank all those who view my work. And I truly appreciate those who have commented. It means a lot to hear some encouraging words or to receive suggestions. Even the bad comments I try to learn from. Criticism I guess can be viewed in a number of ways. I try to learn from it. But hey, a lot of the 80's horror movies were quite zany. So I guess my stuff is too.

Thanks everybody. I hope you like my work.

Shallon4000's comics
Character Cast
This is just a list of all my comic book and graphic novel characters to date. I thought I would try to do a portfolio of them with a brief description of their personality traits as well as the worlds they exist in. Most of these are from stories already done, but some are from upcoming books. Anyway, I just thought I'd have fun with it, and even though it isn't much I hope you still like it. I'll try my best to add regularly.
Last update: 17th Aug 2018
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Bio-Grade 647
When three women accidentally stumble across a military quarantine zone, they become part of the deranged plot of mass genocide in the worst of ways: Mutation. Now with flesh eating monsters and trigger-happy soldiers after them, they must do something that they have never done well before. Work together.

HORROR Story On-Going (WARNING: Extreme Violence, Gore, and Nudity)

Last update: 10th Dec 2015
[Comic profile]
A group of college kids set out for a secret party in an abandoned warehouse only to find that they are not alone. An entire society of cannibalistic cyborgs, known as the Necreshaw, surface from their underground abode, to harvest their herd. For them, if you're not food, then you're spare-parts.

HORROR Story On-Going (WARNING: Extreme Violence, Gore, and Nudity)

Last update: 29th Aug 2018
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After lashing out at neighboring villages, Medusa takes a small boy captive to her isolated palace. She mocks the gods and laughs at the peasants feeble attempts to get the boy back. Frustrated, the villagers seek help from a lone knight, who seems brave enough to fight Medusa, but who also carries a secret of his own.

FANTASY Story Completed

Last update: 21st Mar 2015
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The Shed
In a small shed in the woods, a man struggles with his own sanity as his beloved wife lays at his feet slowly bleeding to death. With tired eyes and gun in hand, he has but one duty. To make certain that the thing outside, doesn't get in.

HORROR Story completed (WARNING: Mild Violence, Gore)

Last update: 18th Apr 2015
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Necreshaw Gallery
Just some gallery art I've done for Necreshaw. It's mostly of the drones and cast.

HORROR Gallery (WARNING: Violence, Gore, and Nudity)

Last update: 13th Mar 2017
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