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Registration date: 13th Jun 2010
Last seen: 31st Mar 2014, 5:27 AM
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ShallowBay91's comics
As I Sit In Solemn Silence
Mostly inspired by my own life and things that happen to me. Consider it an exaggerated comic journal.

Updates sporadically as "interesting" stuff occurs to me.

Last update: 5th Jul 2012
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One Weapon, One Life
You wake up one morning to find someone new has posted on your favorite forums. They want to know what weapon you would use in a zombie apocalypse. You figure you'll wait until someone else answers before you do, so you don't say something too silly and then get one-upped by the next poster. Unfortunately, the discussion of which weapon is better suited to a zombie attack was fated to never happen. Hours later, when you check the thread again, you find it has devolved into a strange, rambling, schizophrenic story with multiple authors passing the story on sometimes in mid-sentence. You think this is incredibly silly. So silly, in fact, that you join these nutty shenanigans. So silly are these shenanigans that a whole year later, long after the forum has died, you would make a webcomic retelling the magical adventures that were had there. But you don't know you're going to do that yet. Right now, you just want to get in on this zombie apocalypse story.

Pop quiz, hot shot. Pick one weapon. You get one life. What do you do?

Last update: 2nd Apr 2011
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