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Shane Itram's Profile
Shane Itram
Registration date: 14th Oct 2010
Last seen: Yesterday, 1:20 AM
Posts: 3
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Shane Itram's Webcomics
Serengetti Dreams
Serengetti Dreams, as you may have inferred from the title, is a webcomic by Shane Itram. It updates daily, Monday through Friday.

First time here? Kind of lost? Check out Dr. Bolton's welcome to new readers!

Last update: 13th Apr 2012
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Dot Comic
The saga of a dot and a line in their two-dimensional world.
Last update: 29th Apr 2011
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Fraternity of Evil
These are tough economic times. Nobody has any money. And that means that supervillains don't have any money to steal! With such a slump in business, supervillains have to go back to school in search a new way of life. This fall, three supervillains enroll at one Brown University. Their names: Dr. Concoctor, Mr. E, and the Pun Usher.
Last update: 11th Oct 2013
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Greetings from Pluto
A comic about a bunch of silly aliens from Pluto.
Last update: 29th Mar 2013
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General Hardcastle's Cooking Corner
General Hardcastle's Cooking Corner is a must-see for any aspiring cook, from the Kitchen Newbie to the Master Chef!
Last update: 11th Dec 2016
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Powerpoint Comics
Last update: 26th Nov 2013
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The Story of Saliria
A comic about a group of high school students who go on an adventure.
Last update: 18th Sep 2017
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None of the Above
Each episode of this comic ends with four choices. Vote for which one you want to happen next!
Last update: 5 days ago
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