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Registration date: 28th May 2011
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About me
I’m a college graduate obsessed with cartoons, especially anime. I also love cuteness mixed with goth. I enjoy drawing and writing stories, so these comics are my treasures.

Shannon's comics
Apparent Adventure (Zack Dragonblade Fancomic)
After Imagix is saved, Zack and May finally get to settle down.
Last update: 2nd Oct 2017
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Zack Dragonblade and the Excalites
In the world of Imagix, a wicked witch returns with an army of demons, and she won't stop until the world is hers. Only Excalibur can defeat her, but it has been converted into 5 swords named Excalites, and the swords hidden around the world. Can Zack Dragonblade and his friends find these mystical weapons and the courage to defeat Xavierella Darkbloom?
Last update: 3 days ago
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Zack Dragonblade Fanart
A gallery of fanart for "Zack Dragonblade and the Excalites"! Enjoy, and thank you!
Last update: 29th Apr 2017
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The Chronicles of Lillian
Lillian is an average 14-year old girl—not especially talented or pretty or noticed by anyone. It’s just another boring day until a rainstorm sends her into the house of Old Warren, a mysterious and kind elder. He offers to tell her stories of adventure every day, and Lillian accepts. But as the days continue and Lillian grows a bond with Old Warren, she will soon find that she’ll never have a boring day again.
(Updates every Sunday)

Last update: 8th Mar 2015
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ComicFury Character Lounge
Based on the recurring "ComicFury Character Lounge" series, several artists bring their interpretation of these insane events.
Last update: 13th Apr 2016
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