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Registration date: 28th May 2011
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About Me
I’m a college graduate obsessed with cartoons, especially anime. I also love cuteness mixed with goth. I enjoy drawing and writing stories, so these comics are my treasures.

Shannon's Webcomics
Tales of the wandering stranger
Edward Marrowfinger just wanted to go on a midnight stroll...

So begins this webcomic anthology, six comics in total, each of them a stand-alone story on their own, but they're also closely tied to each other to an overarching whole. It starts sometime in the Victorian age, with three kids and a book. And Edward Marrowfinger. Then, more and more people turn into undead. Until......

Last update: Yesterday
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Erik Grave and the Mediums at Large
In an alternate history, undead spirits are everywhere, haunting the living. The exception are mediums-- humans born with certain ghostly abilities, and they help spirits with unfinished business so they can rest in peace.

Erik Grave is a Possessor medium, having the power to control anyone or anything he touches, though he lacks control himself. When a medium named Mitch offers him a summer program called the Mediums at Large, Erik finds himself in a tangle of mysteries and adventures. But someone else may be pulling the strings...

Last update: Yesterday
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Zack Dragonblade and the Excalites
In the world of Imagix, a wicked witch returns with an army of demons, and she won't stop until the world is hers. Only Excalibur can defeat her, but it has been converted into 5 swords named Excalites, and the swords hidden around the world. Can Zack Dragonblade and his friends find these mystical weapons and the courage to defeat Xavierella Darkbloom?
Last update: 2 days ago
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Zack Dragonblade Fanart
A gallery of fanart for "Zack Dragonblade and the Excalites"! Enjoy, and thank you!
Last update: 24th Jan 2019
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The Chronicles of Lillian
Lillian is an average 14-year old girl—not especially talented or pretty or noticed by anyone. It’s just another boring day until a rainstorm sends her into the house of Old Warren, a mysterious and kind elder. He offers to tell her stories of adventure every day, and Lillian accepts. But as the days continue and Lillian grows a bond with Old Warren, she will soon find that she’ll never have a boring day again.
(Updates every Sunday)

Last update: 8th Mar 2015
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ComicFury Character Lounge
Based on the recurring "ComicFury Character Lounge" series, several artists bring their interpretation of these insane events.
Last update: 13th Apr 2016
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