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Hey! I'm Saia, a Kirby fan who reads Kirby comics and writes A Generic Kirby Comic. I'm what some of you call a "Smack Jeeves refugee"; since this place is basically what SJ used to be, I figured there isn't any reason not to move my comic over here. It seems like a pretty nice place.

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A Generic Kirby Comic
This comic is just A Generic Kirby Comic! ...What, is something wrong with that joke?

It features Kirby (and some OCs of course; what's a fan comic without those?) going on all kinds of weird adventures in Dream Land. Well, not only Dream Land, but you get what I mean. They go on weird adventures for you guys to read.

It updates on Tuesdays and Saturdays. If I miss an update, I'll try to upload twice next time. But I usually can't do that.

Last update: 29th Feb 2020