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Registration date: 12th Apr 2014
Last seen: Yesterday, 3:29 PM
Posts: 10
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Location: Canada
About me
Hiya, I'm Shaylyn! My mind is teeming with an endless stream of ridiculous ideas, hence webcomics.




Shaylyn-KM's comics
Destiny Sky
16-year-old Destiny feels held back by her anxiety. After meeting Sky, her dream guide, Destiny is promised a way to work through her multitude of fears in the safety of her dreams. Sky never promised it would be easy, however. But Sky is also a ridiculous blue person, so who knows.

Warnings for:
Somewhat harsh language
Mild violence
Very mild sexual references

Last update: 12th Dec 2018
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Shay's Drawings of Doom
I have a bunch of un-webcomic-related art that I wanted to share with the lovely people on here
Last update: 17th Aug 2017
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Being Shay
In intrest in how this site functions, and in waiting to begin writing an actual webcomic, I have decided to write this thing. It consists of random stuff that happens to me. Enjoy the stuff being chucked in your general direction!
Last update: 14th Aug 2014
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7 Years and Counting

Hannah isn't interested in dating anyone, let alone the loud, crazy and perverted girl named Perry who shows up suddenly after apparently stalking her for seven years. Unfortunately, she just can't seem to shake the persistent girl off.

Genre: Romance/Comedy.

Warning: Will contain a lot of sexual innuendo/jokes, but no outright sex scenes. Will also contain some language, probably.

Last update: 18th Aug 2016
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