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Shekets's Profile
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Registration date: 4th Apr 2017
Last seen: Today, 11:56 AM
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Location: In every Jewfro
About me
שקץ shekets, a loathsome object, an abomination.
Ave disco Satanas

Shekets's comics
Comedy of the Carrion Angels
Lionel is an annoyed old man with cloven-hooved feet. An immortal warlock, he retires from his long-standing law career to enjoy the finer things in life. However, his father (possible vampire?), a scheming, Jewish funeral baron with mob and occult connections, wants grandchildren and is determined to get his way.
18+ readers; vulgar language, sexual content, nudity, and violence.

Last update: 2 days ago
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Domestic HellLand
Stupid dumb comic scribbles about my life with my favorite bad man

They either result in vague domestic abuse or me crying

The end!

Last update: 6 days ago
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Silent Shout
A 7-page one shot comic about my worst (to date) sleep paralysis experience. I won’t get into any details, I think you get the point. :^)
Drawn and completed in September 2016.

Last update: 18th May 2017
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html tests and shit
Last update: 14th Jun 2018
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