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Last seen: 14th Jul 2020, 3:58 AM
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After a less than desirable demise, Auto must get used to his new life in the afterlife dimension of Kittyhell.

Felinophobia updates Saturdays, biweekly (every two weeks)! Be sure to check out the credits page and the author's other social pages!

- Blood & Gore
- Suicide & Murder, Death
- Themes of Hell/Demons
- (Possible/Potential) Mild NSFW (Jokes, Char. Design)
- Gruesome Deaths (Mostly in backstories, flashbacks, descriptions)
- Strong Language
- (Possible) Bugs
- Eyes/Eye Contact
- (Possible) Themes/Mentions of Religion
- Guns/Firearms & Knives
- Abusive Dynamics

Panels before triggering events will contain warnings for readers safety!

[Tags & Genres: Kittyhell, Felinophobia, Furry, Cats, Horror, Surreal, Hell, Gore, Death, Story, Plot, Edgy, Velltoons, Auto, Tomo, Philo, Astra]

Last update: 23rd Oct 2020
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language