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About Me
Hiya..I'm a 37 year old wannabe artist..I like to make comics and draw fanart...and play video games..feel free to say hi..I don't bite!

ShinigamiMaxwell's Webcomics
The Legendary Queen
My current hand drawn comic...I have 460+ pages sketched..but will only uploaded them as I get them colored! It's all about my original hedgehog character and her times as a teen and beyond!
Last update: 5 days ago
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Neo Crystal Adventures
Okay..for those who remember the old semi-comedic NCA..this new version won't be it..this will be the serious edition I did far into the "funny" ones run as a serious "redo" of it. I'll upload the old pages first (dates won't match what it is now) a bit at a time..and will then pick it back up soon after! Still sprites mostly..with some hand drawn pages now and then :)
Last update: 5 days ago
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Crystal's Journey
My attempt at an all region Nuzlocke comic with minor changes. Legendaries are allowed..but otherwise the rest is the same..fainting = death etc etc...and will also have a soulmate thing to it too much much later on, likely during the Alola region part. (and yes..I will now be including Galar). Some pokemon I draw as they should be..and some will be anthro (pokemorphs)

It will features a 'canon' and OC pairing eventually, an will also have mild crossover elements. Will upload the first 40 pages one a day, and then will upload new ones as completed!

Last update: 5 days ago
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Team Crystal
My PKMN mystery dungeon comic...mostly sprite based with a few hand drawn strips....currently porting all the OLD strips from ones to come soon after hopefully!

So the dates on them will be when they were originally putup over at smackjeeves for the time being:)

Last update: 5 days ago
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