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Hello there! My name is Shiro (or Ashley if you know me from Drawception) and i like ComicFury! I've actually read most comics here and i always wanted to join, and here i am! I'm actually from the formerly-glorious land of SmackJeeves as a guest until its ultimate falldown, but i moved here along with most Revujeeves here ^^ I like cats, art, nature, chocolate, Pokèmon, Digimon, my other fandoms, and other stuff! :DD I cant wait to interact with you all! :)))

Well, i speak way too much ^^" See you in my arts!

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Art Fight
Discord: ShiroArtz75#0343

ShiroDrawzz's Webcomics
Digimon Valiant Heroes Digimon Valiant Heroes
Its a regular day in Japan, and a young middle schooler named Miyuki decided to buy a new Digimon game along with some other friends. Little did she know that it will make a huge difference to herself...
Last update: 1st Dec 2021
Shiro's Art Dumpz Shiro's Art Dumpz
Hehe just a bunch of drawings and stuff i made here~
Last update: 8 days ago
The Drawception Chronicles The Drawception Chronicles
A collab webcomic i made with my friends at Drawception :DD
Last update: 16th Aug 2021