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Shiro & Kuro - Remastered Shiro & Kuro - Remastered
- Created with the program Comipo -

- Updates daily-

Takase Marina is rumored to be a violent delinquent at her school and doesn't have any friends. Since sick of being a constant disappointment to her parents, the news of them suddenly moving gives her hope.

She decides to change herself and maybe...just maybe she will finally get friends...

But the lone-wolf of the class "Kuro-kun" discovers her true personality and Marina suddenly get's involved with him. "Why is he alone?

Last update: 22nd Dec 2019
Things that Lurk in the Dark Things that Lurk in the Dark
What really goes bump in the night? A tale of horror and premonitions written by Swedish author Anna Kramer, and American illustrator Jacob Ledesma.
Last update: 4th Apr 2016
Shiro and Kuro art Shiro and Kuro art
This will contain mostly scetches by me of the characters using different tools. Will also contain fanart. Enjoy ^__^
Last update: 28th May 2016
Shiku: The First & Final Shiku: The First & Final
Style: Manga(comipo<---the program that I'm using)
Genre: School, romance, comedy, 4-koma(kind of like gag a day!)
Flags: S-flag but only to be safe. There will be nothing graphic but implications. SFW!

This is the sequel of
the comic Shiro and Kuro
so reading it before
Shiku is recomended!
(but not a must)

Marina and Daisuke
(Shiro & Kuro)
are finally together
so love is blooming!
Too bad they have no clue
how to act like a couple...

Also - read this comic from right to left because I'm a WEEABOO.

Layout-design by revzet - Chek out her amazing comic Paradox

Last update: 14th Jul 2017
Strong Sexual Themes