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I'm Li "Shockodile" Zard and I like reptiles and comics. I create Hellbound Guardian. One of my life goals is to touch a crocodile. My other life goals include (but are not limited to) finishing comics and eating weird meats.

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Hellbound Guardian
Hellbound Guardian is an action/comedy story about people who die and make bad decisions (not necessarily in that order, but mostly in that order) resulting in them having to fight demons and other sludgy monsters. More specifically it follows Avery, a young adult who's spent most of her recent years struggling to deal with her PTSD after a childhood trauma. Her impulsive reactions and poor coping methods are more than questionable, often landing her in more trouble than she was in to begin with. It's a challenge, but overcoming the hurdles and finding healthy ways to go on are integral to her success in her latest misadventure: fighting back a demon army as a holy guardian of humanity. She's not thrilled.

Hellbound Guardian updates sporadically; I primarily make it for myself and I only have so much time and energy for art, so it gets pushed back sometimes.

Last update: 26th Dec 2019
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