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Last seen: 8th Jul 2020, 4:09 AM
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About Me
Just a man with a tablet and a bucket of creativity.
And Skittles.
For more art, plums and other projects: @pupp3tSudios on Twitter! Or Youtube!
To do personal chats, visit my Discord at!

Shosher's Webcomics
Within Tartarus
Existential questions coexist with gun-smoke and blood, in a future where monsters roam the Earth and a new arm is merely a walk away!
Last update: 4th Dec 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore
Michael Treble, an everyday man who seems to answer any question thrown at him with ease. Explaining things is a jiffy for him.
Or so it would seem.
He will receive a rather... gross awakening from his "high and mighty" persona when a biological weapon-a prototype parasitic virus- is suddenly introduced into his system. And what do you know?!
This thing has been granted the power of sentience!
(Occasional Updates)

Last update: 6th Apr 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language