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Last seen: 4th Sep 2017, 7:25 PM
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I am a mother of a toddler and an avid lover of artsy stuff. I hope to one day make a living off of my comics. hahaha...

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Art Makes Me Feels
Koh moves to a new city to begin his career as a photographer, but finds that the people in the new city are a little off and his new boss is very much a jerk. Throughout his journey, he'll find new friends, new romance, and uncover a huge conspiracy.
Last update: 18th Jul 2017
Art Of Moof
A story about a Moof trying to fit in and discover her place in the world. All while evading a creepy scientist and coaching a young girl through her troubled high school years. And maybe she'll discover if she's an alien or a creepy science experiment?!
Last update: 6th Jun 2015
Room For Four
A lady's grandma died and left her with all of her belongings, including her rude, video-game playing tenant.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
Carnival of Sorrow
Jason's girlfriend broke up with him and he's failing college. His friends try to cheer him up while trying to help him make up his failing grades, but they all end up in over their heads when they enter the old broken down carnival.
Last update: 29th Jul 2017
Pick Your Poison
A group of girls are fed up with how people treat each other, so they take it into their own hands after school with a club called Pick Your Poison.
Last update: 11th Jul 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore