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Freelance author and illustrator. Lover of tea, knits, and shiny rocks.

aro/ace, nb || she/they || 25
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SilverLunarwing's Webcomics
Shinka: The Last Eevee
Deepwood Forest is dying.

Only a cut from the Fellwood's mossy rock can save it-- and that's just what Nick and his friends intend to do. In order to save their forest, they must brave the world beyond their city and return in time to stop the spread of deadly blackmoss.

But the runes speak of legends and ancient curses beyond prediction. Deep in the mountains, the Mystics don their masks and prepare for the worst.

Darkness is coming.

Updates Mondays
Rated PG for action and emotional scenarios.
Reboot of the original STLE (2008-2015)

Last update: 2 days ago
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PMD Harmony
Stories from the town of Harmony!

A collaborative webcomic project between Flame-Shadow and SilverLunarwing

Last update: 3rd Jan 2020
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