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Quiet Storm of Words
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Registration date: 28th Aug 2015
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About me
Full-time nerd and part-time comic artist, basically winging it 90% of the time.
Likes mythology, science, cartoons and using long words.
Mostly harmless.

Simzi's comics
We all know how this story goes.

In the suburbs of New York, a young boy discovers that he’s more than just a boy—he’s the chosen one, the reincarnation of the Norse god Baldr, and the key to ending a war between the gods and the end of the world.

But this isn’t his story.

For Julia Hansen-Williams, the end of the world is the least of her troubles. All she wants to do is to keep her stepbrother safe. Finding herself in the middle of a reality in which all myths are true, she’ll do anything to restore normalcy for her family.

Fate has decreed how this story ends.

But some creatures are determined to break free from the legends that bind them, no matter the cost. Friends become enemies. Enemies form tenuous alliances. Nothing is set in stone, or so it seems.

You can’t fight fate.

However, when the threads of fate weave the end of the world, you can’t help but die trying.

**Currently updating irregularly, weekly updates to resume January 2018, hopefully. Flagged for minor violence, overall pretty much PG-13**

Last update: 22nd Apr 2017
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