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Lover of video games, web comics, technology, and creativity. I work in the IT industry by day, roam the wilds of the gaming world at night!

- Creator of the Fragmentary Veritas webcomic:
- Stone/Stone Brute of the City of Heroes, Protector Server
- Broadsword/Willpower Scrapper of the City of Heroes: Homecoming, Everlasting Server
- Founder of the Woomy Dynasty Sigma Splatoon Community

Sir Lloyd's Webcomics
Fragmentary Veritas
Nayreia never cared for the superhero world, but it was a world she was unable to escape. Trapped in a web of treachery spun by a father she can't remember; Nayreia endeavors to shine light on the shadows of her past while claiming the strength to fight and carve out her place to belong.

Original character story based in the City of Heroes universe; Narrative born from in-game role playing sessions using tabletop rules; This comic is a project of bringing the beloved characters I created to life and chronicling their journey.

Last update: 5 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Paragon Wings
Discontinued; Please see my follow-up project, Fragmentary Veritas:

The Rogue Isles are a dangerous place filled with all kinds of 'people'. Oppressed by the absolute authority of Arachnos, villainy flourishes beneath the facade of order.

It's in these volatile isles that a hero group known as the Steel Feathers operate.

Last update: 10th Mar 2014
Violent Content