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I draw comics. Surprise.

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Grapple Seed Grapple Seed
Grapple Seed follows the adventures of 13 year old Turner Trent, in a world
where the earth’s gravitational force repels everything excluding itself.
Sounds confusing? Imagine a world where the ground is above you, while the
sky lies beneath your feet, making life adapt in ways that prevents it from
falling into the great infinity.

Young Turner is dissatisfied with his predictable life in the small rural area of Rootstalk Village. He wants nothing more than to experience everything the world has to offer, however exploration becomes difficult when any misstep means plummeting to your death. But suddenly one day things take an unexpected turn.

Last update: 1st Apr 2016
Grapple Strip Grapple Strip
This comic features the lives and events of Turner Trent and all the other inhabitants of Rootstalk village, before the story of Grapple Seed takes place.
The comic was created to compensate for the occational gap in updates for the weekly comic series "Grapple Seed". It is written and illustrated by Håvard Heggenhougen, who is also the Author of Grapple Seed.
Both "Grapple Seed" and "Grapple Strip" are properties of Håvard Heggenhougen and Eddie Jensen.
The main story of the Grapple Seed universe can be read at

Last update: 18th Aug 2014
Sketchtravaganza Sketchtravaganza

This is one of them Autobio comics, it could end tomorrow. Not like the world, but the comic.

Last update: 19th Jan 2015
Robot Robot
A boy and his Robot.

inspired by Dexters laboratory and Calvin and Hobbes I guess.... wheeee

Last update: 27th Jul 2014