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About Me
I live in St Albert, Alberta, Canada! I was born in Iserlhon Germany in 1965. I joined the Canadian Army in 1987 after 5 years as a military reservist. I am a Combat Engineer and have been on 6 oversees deployments;
1991 Iraq/Kuwait
1993 Croatia (recieved the C in C unit commendation for action in Medak Pocket)Medak Pocket
1996/97 Bosnia
2004/05 Afghanistan
2009/10 Afghanistan

I'm proud of my service, but I am first and foremost an easy going and friendly fellow who loves comics. I love chatting on CF about comics and stuff.

My favorite comics style is Ligne Claire
My favorite comics artist is MÅ“bius

My main influences are; Richard Corben,Herge,and Caza.

Currently I am following artists like; Paul Pope,Tradd Moore,Jaime Hernandez,and Takehiko Inoue.

My favorite comic book at the moment is Beautiful Darkness.

Married with two boys 19 and 16 yrs old. I should be retiring in the next year or so.

Skweeee's Webcomics
Piper's Song Piper's Song
A young Albertan's journey into an uncertain future when she discovers her true identity. Tragedy, romance, revenge and redemption. Science Fiction, horror and fantasy all rolled into one!
Last update: 22nd Jun 2017
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Contact Wait Out Contact Wait Out
A short 10 page little story based on some of my experiences in Afghanistan.
Last update: 8th Feb 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Comics that I made during the 24 hour comic challenge.
Last update: 13th Mar 2016
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
Skweeee of Canada Skweeee of Canada
Canada is in trouble and it's up to Skweeee of Canada to save to day again.

This is a community fan comic. It is also a highly accurate look into the daily life of Skweeee, Canadian citizen and champion of the downtrodden.

Last update: 11th Sep 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore