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Registration date: 31st Jan 2011
Last seen: 15th Jun 2012, 2:02 AM
Posts: 57
Comments left: 54
Ratings given: 4.82 / 11
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About me
An aspiring comic book artist/animator Jake A.W. is currently a college student majoring in game art and design as well as working part time as a busboy to pay the bills before something better comes along.

Keep your eyes peeled as Jake is constantly working on a huge library of comic projects to entertain all kinds.

SlackerJAW's comics
It Can Always Get Worse
Quigley and Snert have been through hell and back, literally. A nonstop adventure shrouded in chaos and hilarity our two "heroes" are on a quest unlike any other toward the ultimate goal, a normal life, but theres much more at hand then they could ever imagine. Join in the crazyness as the terrible twosome deal with demons, time travel, zombies, alien llama, and so much more. And remember, It Can Always get Worse.
Last update: 26th May 2012
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Action Sloth
Orville "Jay" Derrigan is your typical comic lovin nerd.. well at least he was. After surving a terrible accident without so much as a scratch and newfound abilities Jay must learn to use his new powers to save the day from monsters multi-dimensional mutants and even a mysterious organization known as the Nexus who will stop at nothing to destroy him, but why? It's a tough job but someone's got to do it, so BRING IT ON!!
Last update: 13th May 2012
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The story of Alanya and her epic journey to aid a mysterious and extremely powerful thief find his floating home in the sky. With assassins, bounty hunters, and those living under the fear of the mysterious "man in black" the trip will not be an easy one.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Odd Man In
The life and times of aspiring cartoonist Jake and the fine friends, family, and funderful imaginary folks that decorate his ever increasingly odd life.
Last update: 4th Dec 2011
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There are odd jobs, then there are REALLY odd jobs and when these moments arrive everyone turns to the masked man simply known as "Him". From the abnormal and unexplainable to the Truly horrific and absurd Him leaps in to action, ecstatically, in to the fray.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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A slice of life as seen through the eyes of Jake, yer typical awkward artist with lessons to be earned all the time.
Last update: 4th May 2011
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Jokes, gags, skits, whacky whosits and random whatchamacallits. A gag every week.
Follow the adventures of Jake, an aspiring comic artist (and self aware comic character)

Last update: 17th Sep 2011
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