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Toulin is a rough city, full of backstabbing politicians, careless police, and violent criminals. The majority of the city's organized crime is focused on the southern district. This is where Duane Hitchenson lives.

Growing up in the slums, illegal activity easily becomes a way of life. Duane has two jobs: During the day, he has a day job as a police detective, working around the clock to put away muggers, murderers, and money-launderers.

His second job is as an enforcer/debt collector/second-in-command to the city’s biggest mob boss, Marco Morabito, head of a group of organized criminals collectively referred to as The Syndicate.

Jimmy Jones, on the other hand, works for an equally dangerous (but slightly less profitable) gang known as the Black 13s. Jimmy Jones, naturally, wants Marco out of business.

And so it begins.

Last update: 4th Feb 2012
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