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Registration date: 21st Oct 2012
Last seen: 20th Nov 2013, 7:54 PM
Posts: 9
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Location: United States
About me
Overambitious wannabe renaissance man of art and writing. Proud owner of a defunct blog.
Currently working wholeheartedly on Shadow of the Primus.

SnaleKing's comics
Shadow of the Primus
The Secundus are the inhuman creations of their centuries-gone masters, the Primus. Zyxus, a cursed, amnesiac Secundus, embarks on a great expedition to find the truth about the revered Primus, and finds more than anyone could have bargained for.
Secundus are not furries.
Updates Sundays.

Thank you for letting me share this world with you. I am an ok writer, artist and storyteller, so I hope the three together make something enjoyable.

Last update: 1st Nov 2013
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