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Sneario's Profile
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Registration date: 10th Jun 2010
Last seen: 17th Aug 2012, 4:47 AM
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Location: Montreal
About me
Like many cartoonists, I doodled in class.

Teachers did not like this. I could not understand how they presumed to be more important than my drawings.

Now I'm an adult with a real job.

But my pen refuses to be tamed. My pen knows nothing of this world, nor is it interested. My pen has something to show to the world.

Who am I to stand in it's way?

Sneario's comics
"Whirl" by Trevor Lewis
"WHIRL" is a compilation of prophetic visions and true life experiences occurring along with the author's lifelong quest to find the ultimate pants.

Last update: 18th Jun 2010
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"Planet X" by Trevor Lewis
"Planet X" is about the great mosaïc -- the vast tapestry of overlapping intrigue -- culminating on our Planet Earth as we drink our tomato juice, iron our curtains and plant our rock gardens.

Last update: 17th Jul 2010
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