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I like kitties.

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Viva Le Chatt
The depressing lives of the Neumenon Chatt, a mutated breed of man-made cats struggling to survive in a world they were not meant to belong in.
Last update: 30th Sep 2014
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Flinch consists of the misadventures of a Low-Class demon, Elamond, as he's whisked away from his dangerous life in hell and dropped onto modern day earth via witchcraft. Making a testy alliance with a werewolf that seems determined to create some good in him.

| Drama | Violence | Harsh Language | Mature Audience |

Last update: 27th Sep 2013
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Abyssal looks into the lives of the modern day Sphinx and their ability to coexist with man. But as their technology increases and the Mythical Beasts are slowly hunted to extinction, their future looks bleak.
Last update: 3rd Jul 2013
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A random jumble of comics with no true purpose or cause. Also a test site for html layoutting and home to a reoccurring comic called Abyssal.
Last update: 29th Mar 2013
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A realm ruled by cats is threatened by the forces of a corrupted magic thought to have been destroyed long ago. Their world being plunged into near chaos, only an ancient power sealed in Nostalgia's Box can save them now, though supposedly the only person whom could have controlled it is dead.
Last update: 11th Feb 2012
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