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Sonichu redone
Registration date: 20th Dec 2011
Last seen: 3rd May 2014, 10:14 AM
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About me
This is an official Sonichu parody, made for an international release, shopped by a lone man who now owns the rights for the franchinse. The pages will not be uploaded on a daily basis.

I will release pages as I see fit.

Sonichu redone's comics
Sonichu: RE-Done
Remember Sonichu? Well, start forgeting it, because Sonichu: RE-Done is here. An all new version of sonichu, made from obselete paint programs and cheap photoshops. Join Dash Sonichu and his friends as they journey through CWCville in adventures that involve beating up Jerkops, or trying to get rid of Chris. It's the first Sonichu comic made for multiple languages, so everyone can read the failtastic tales of Dash Sonichu. As of March 12, 2012, Chris-chan himself has, for some reason, declared this comic as an official Sonichu re-make. As of July 2012, Chris-chan has given the official Sonichu rights to Screws Enterprises, as he is soon to be shown in court on 10th July. As of December 20th 2012, Sonichu: RE-Done in English has been completed, and will no longer publish new adventures any time soon.

Please check the blog for further updates...

Last update: 3rd May 2014
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Sonichu: RE-Done (J)
Japanese version

Sonichu の世界へようこそ !この変更のパロディ CWC の薄弱漫画のお楽しみください。(すべての翻訳はビンビン翻訳によって行われています)更新プログラム、およびランダムな記事のためのブログを確認してください。

更新プログラム: スペル ミス発生します。

Last update: 21st Jul 2013
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Sonichu: RE-Done (K)
Korean version Sonichu
CWC의 세계로 오신 것을 환영 합니다, 어떤 이해 하 게 어디에 아무것도 30 살짜리 자폐증, 망상 바보가 그 세상을 규칙. 그들은 여행을 마을 주변, 일상의 모험에 그들의 목숨을 선회 대 쉬 Sonichu와 그의 친구에 가입.

주의 사항: 맞춤법 오류 발생할 수 있습니다.

Last update: 29th Jul 2012
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Sonichu: RE-Done European
This is an archive of European Sonichu: RE-Done Issue 0. I'd like to think of this as an alternate solution to show Europe my Sonichu comics, which I legally acquired from the great Christian Weston Chandler himself. I hope you all enjoy this new site.
Last update: 20th May 2013
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