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Registration date: 26th Nov 2014
Last seen: 12th Apr 2018, 11:43 PM
Posts: 223
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Location: Limbo
About me
Hey, I'm Alex, 20, and love to draw. :)

SoulFury's comics
Nora's Adventureland
Nora has lost her pet dolphin in a tragic accident... Devastated, she sought help from a magical eggplant that is known for its magical eggplantyness. Actually no, she didn't...

Now, in order to pay for her dolphin's funeral, Nora must make a bazillion drillion dollars. Her only hope for getting all that cashola is to popularize her slowly dying theme park. Will Nora be able to meet her goals? Or nah dawg?

This comic is a crazy comedy with lots of action, whacky characters and bizarre scenarios. Oh, and ADVENTUREEEEEE WEEEEEEEEE YEEEEEEEE AWEZUMMMMMM.

V-flag for strong violence.
L-flag for strong language.
S-flag for sexual themed jokes.

Updates every week.

Last update: 13th Apr 2018
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Frigid Crux
Austin Snowden is stuck in an alternate, warped version of Earth. Desperately seeking answers, Austin must assemble a clan to gather information that might lead to a way back home. Unfortunately, some would rather prevent that from happening...

Action/Drama/Horror comic. Extremely graphic.

Updates randomly, as soon as pages are finished they get uploaded.

Last update: 7th Aug 2017
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Rev Dandy
hey i rememer syruh sanwiches with crime allowances

rev is a mountain
or maybe
a house

make me some coffee pls