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Registration date: 23rd Dec 2015
Last seen: Today, 5:17 AM
Posts: 1257
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Location: Chillin with Socrates
About me
Whaz good. Creator of Idiko's Paradise and Live Yasha! Check 'em out, they're pretty good.

Idiko's Paradise Uploads: SUN WED

Live Yasha Uploads: MON FRI

Sovember's comics
Idiko's Paradise
Our story follows Rabidus, Gorgias, Porcia, the children of legendary Philosopher Kings. When an evil force of terrorists called "The Sophists" return from the dead, these three young philosophers will have be have to grow and learn in the dangerous continent of Ruina!

Updates: Whenever a page finishes

Last update: 2 days ago
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Live Yasha
A young islander girl with special powers is thrust into an epic quest when her little sister is kidnapped by a mysterious woman.

Updates: Hiatus

Last update: 3 days ago
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