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Registration date: 2nd Dec 2014
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About me
Philip Rice. Toronto-based artist and illustrator.

Spearhafoc's comics
Lucian's True History
An adaption of True History (2nd Century AD) by Lucian of Samosata.

"...and, as I have no truth to put on record, having lived a very humdrum life, I fall back on falsehood--but falsehood of a more consistent variety; for I now make the only true statement you are to expect--that I am a liar. This confession is, I consider, a full defence against all imputations. My subject is, then, what I have neither seen, experienced, nor been told, what neither exists nor could conceivably do so."

Lucian was born in Assyria, but was culturally Greek. True History is a short book he did lampooning outlandish traveler's tales that were popular at the time. It's a wonderfully imaginative story, full of weird creatures and concepts. It's also the earliest existing work of Science Fiction, depending on how you define the genre. Despite being relatively obscure, True History paved the way for later masterpieces such as Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels.

The art style I chose for this comic takes me a long time to do. As a result, I'll only be able to update this intermittently.

NSFW for some violence and nudity.

Last update: 30th Jul 2017
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The Apex Society
Neo-Pulp adventure comic featuring a mix of original and Public Domain characters and concepts. Content warning for violence.
Last update: Today
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