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Potato Parttaker
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Registration date: 15th Aug 2014
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About me
Ready set go.

Spelledeg's comics
Now Hiring
A caustic crime lord with old debts, and a vagrant immigrant who seeks agency in his life meet at the crossroads of danger and opportunity.

A pseudo-noir dramatic thriller with aliens.

[PG-14+] depicts heavy violence, drug and sexual references, drug use, harsh language and really bad '80s fashion

Updates in chunks, semi-ireggular

Last update: 10 days ago
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The Law of the Jungle
Melony Hawker has spent her life in a kind, loving family, then she finds out about the world of Shadows, and that she is one of them.
Last update: 1st May 2017
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INTS: Black Gate

Ryae joined the military to be great. Sadly, once she joined it became apparent she was anything but, and with a war on the horizon. There's no escaping it now.

{Sci-Fa | Drama | 14+ for violence}

Last update: 6th Jul 2016
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INTS: Black Gate Extras
Extra coolness for INTS:BG
Last update: 8th Mar 2015
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Probably an evil mastermind

Coolbean mastermind

It's a birb, it's a plane! No, it's actually EAGLE BIRB! The guy who writes and has a lot of ideas! He's the scripty mastermind behind The Law of the Jungle, Pride, WarMage and The Shadow War. Dude has too many things on his plate. Dude keeps on trucking anyway. Go bug him, he's cool.