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Registration date: 26th Mar 2018
Last seen: Today, 10:08 AM
Posts: 462
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Location: Mother Russia
About me
I am a humble, yet proud inspired artist longing for recognition. Every subscription and every comment matters to me. I'm a man of many talents, but for now I'm deep in webcomics.


SpiraPhantom's comics
Adventures of Arth and Tech
Based on the original gag-a-day series "Arth and Tech", "Adventures" tell stories of two videogame-like worlds, world of Arth, the fantasy knight, and Tech, the sci-fi cyborg. The heroes they are, they have to fight villains like Kaiser Diava or Dr. Zhang to save the day from disaster. That is, if the crafty bad guys don't get to beat them first.
Last update: Yesterday
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Arth and Tech
A comic strip series about two titular videogame heroes of two rivaling fictional videogame franchises, parodying and playing with media tropes while at the same time performing their heroic duties. Arth, the brave knight from fantasy-like series "Arth's Quest", and Tech, the snarky cyborg from sci-fi-like series "Cyborg Tech".
The comic has finished its run, yet the adventures continue in "Adventures of Arth and Tech".

Last update: 3rd Dec 2018
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