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Hey! My name is Cesar, and I'm an amateur at a lot of things, art being one of them! So, I've decided to set out and start making comics! Most of these are paid passion projects and one day I hope to make enough money to start making animations, and then video games... I am very excited to be making my way into this field and meeting all these great new people and making friends along the way. Please, reach out to me if you need anything at all and I will see what I can do for you, within my powers.

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MEGA Space C*nts!
Author note: MEGA Space Cunts is somewhat of maiden-comic for me. I've always been interested in storytelling formats and coming up with a story that is set in a Sci-Fi setting. I think, at the time, I was contemplating a lot about the political field as it is and how volatile it is to anyone who dares to offend. That's when I came up with MEGA Space C*nts. The artist for this series is Aires Melos, you can find him at his Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/melo.aires/) and Deviant Art page (http://hirix.deviantart.com/gallery/) and letterist "LetterSquids" at https://lettersquids.artstation.com/ or his Twitter: https://twitter.com/lettersquids

MSC is a Science Fiction adventure set in the future, around year 4070, and it follows the travels of Captain Larz, Detective Cleopatra, Foxy Brown Jones and Tech-Wiz Maxwell. Amidst a raging political war, these vagabonds must fight to survive and do what they must to endure the turmoil, and above all else, keep their sanity in these trying times... Join in, for our journey into the self, the principle of humor, and in an exercise of faith in human resilience and spirit!

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