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About Me
I've been sketching and doodling ever since I could hold a pencil. I enjoy basic and very cartoony styles but can find enjoyment in all forms of media.
When I am not sketching I like playing video games, writing, making comics and listening to simple music. I am a restaurant floater dreaming of more colourful work.
Be squirreltastic to the world and the world will be squirreltastic to you.

Squirreltastic-Blue's Webcomics
Team Blast Team Blast
When Neil, Matius, and Josh are all enrolled into a dormitory high school they quickly learn that evil is afoot.
Last update: 24th Nov 2022
Nick Polar Bear Nick Polar Bear
Nick Polar Bear is a paperback issue comic series about a boy and his friends who have amazing powers and use them to keep their small city safe.
Last update: 16th Dec 2020
Senoire Delirium Senoire Delirium
Senoire Delirium 1: Conquer
- Four boys are suddenly sent away from home to try and reconquer a long lost Earth which is now inhabited by candy people.
Senoire Delirium 2: Rivalry
- Established as the worlds heroes, a new team arrives and they're hungry for the throne.

Last update: 6th Oct 2020
Curt and Tony Curt and Tony
Curt and Tony are a couple of actors who just try and get by in life.
This comic is sort of a no-rules world, so just try and play along with the humor and try not to question things too much.

Last update: 16th Jan 2020
A Cup-A Noodles A Cup-A Noodles
Two kids meet become friends, and decide to apply themselves to school as best they can.
Last update: 20th Jun 2020
Pokémon P4WN'D Version Pokémon P4WN'D Version
This is a short lived comic project where two friends and I played through Pokémon Leaf Green Version, and Pokémon Fire Red version. We realized the project would take several years to complete at my rate of the time, and scrapped it for a more original project.
I might return to the idea of a Pokémon comic someday.

Last update: 26th Mar 2020
Baku Club Baku Club
Hikari is an average kid that no one understands.
Mom and dad and Vicky always giving her demands.

Last update: 5th Feb 2021