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About Me
I've been sketching and doodling ever since I could hold a pencil. I enjoy basic and very cartoony styles but can find enjoyment in all forms of media.
When I am not sketching I like playing video games, writing, making comics and listening to simple music. I am a restaurant floater dreaming of more colourful work.
Be squirreltastic to the world and the world will be squirreltastic to you.

Link to DeviantArt: http://squirreltastic-blue.deviantart.com/

Squirreltastic-Blue's Webcomics
Nick Polar Bear
Nick Polar Bear is a paperback issue comic series about a boy and his friends who have amazing powers and use them to keep their small city safe.
Last update: Today
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Curt and Tony
Curt and Tony are a couple of actors who just try and get by in life.
This comic is sort of a no-rules world, so just try and play along with the humor and try not to question things too much.

Last update: 11 days ago
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