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Registration date: 11th Jan 2017
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Stampar's comics
The Beta Tester
18+ hentai & horror show featuring a nerdy female protagonist, impossible techs, cute monster companions, typos everywhere and lots of body fluids.

WARNING: Includes very explicit depictions of violence and gore, crude sexual imagery, horror themes and a considerable amount of other inmoral behaviours. Avoid like the plague if such contents bother you.

--- Sipnosis ---

January 2019. After weeks of silence, Margareth received a letter from his boyfriend, who'd been working for a secretive high-tech company in Japan...

The letter itself was brief and kinda protocolary, but it came with a misterious package: a working prototype of the soon-to-arrive VR sex toy, no less!

Allegedly, the tech behind that device is going to be a worlwide revolution...

Margareth sits in her bed and introduces the BR-Disk into the player...
It can't really be THAT good, can it?

Last update: 5 days ago
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