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Registration date: 11th Jan 2017
Last seen: Yesterday, 8:20 PM
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Stampar's comics
The Beta Tester
18+ hentai & horror show featuring a nerdy female protagonist, impossible techs, cute monster companions, typos everywhere and lots of body fluids.

Horror scenes won't prevent you from sleeping, but sex gets dirty, explicit and sometimes weird, so if you do not like such content, please avoid!

--- Sipnosis ---

January 2019. After weeks of silence, Margareth receives a letter from his boyfriend, who's working for a secretive high-tech company in Japan...

The letter itself was brief and kinda protocolary, but it came with a misterious package: a working prototype of the soon-to-arrive VR sex toy, no less!

Allegedly, the tech behind that device is going to be a worlwide revolution...

Margareth sits in her bed and introduces the BR-Disk into the player...
It can't really be THAT good, can it?

Last update: Yesterday
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