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I am a smackjeeves refugee, who is still posting on smackjeeves, even though I hate it there now. Most everyone moved here and tells me it's a better place to host. I have my comic - Superhuman, I am bringing it with me and I have two chapters done already! Well, the second chapter is almost done.
I've studied art since I was 14, I'm currently an animation student, working to get my degree. Comic-making is a hobby for me, but one I am passionate about. I want to translate my stories into pages, and my fatal flaw is that I get impatient xD
I hope you enjoy what I bring to this site and I hope my comic doesn't die just because smackjeeves died xD
At smackjeeves, my comic is this:
I also post it on tapas:
And you can reach me at my dA account any time:

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Sam November is an 18 year old university drop-out, who lives with his oblivious mother and negligent father. Sam lives a secret night life, however. Under the guise of Spitfire - a superhero persona he'd created for himself, he uses his secret superhuman power to fight crime in his city. However, one day his life takes a turn, when he meets an infamous superhero by the alias of The Reaper, who exhibits unnatural powers of his own. The heroes face enemies, secret conspiracies and otherworldly threats on their quest to find out the origins of the rising super-humans like themselves. WARNING: Blood, gore, sexual themes (hetero and homosexual) and perversion, strong language, dark themes, really bad humor!
Last update: 9th Nov 2020
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language