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Hello there! I'm Starriko and I love anything cosmic related

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Ellie's Ephemeral
"The UNIVERSE is eternal, and I am only a moment in the lifespan of the Cosmos." Ellie, a young woman, is placed in front of a timeline of her entire existence to where she stands at this point and time of her life with the choice to start over or to see it to the end

This was my first published story that I worked on and finished, so its kinda cheesy, but it still has a place in my heart as my first story. c:
It originated on Smack Jeeves but due to the updates I decided to move it here (gradually)

I will be posting more stories soon!

Last update: 13th Dec 2019
Heroes of the Stars
Marx and Zero come together to steal all the Star Rods in the star system of Popstar, but their greed for power drives them to reach far into the universe, messing with various planets’ inhabitants’ dreams discovering the Dragonballs! Causing havoc on both sides of the galaxy, they make their way to obtaining more power. Now, with the help from some friends, Goku and Kirby must come together to save the hopes and dreams of the universe! A strange crossover between Dragon ball z and Kirby
Last update: 6 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore