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About Me
My name is SteamThief. I am a 2D animator and illustrator. I hope to work on some comics soon! I have a lot of world building to figure out for my larger stories so I might start with some one-shot, short stories.
I like to draw anthro characters, animals, and made-up creatures. I really love fantasy, medieval, D&D, sci-fi, action, adventure, and slice of life comics.
Check out my website to see what I draw!
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SteamThief's Webcomics
A Test Comic
This is just a webcomic so I can test out how pages might look and to test out code without messing up my other comic sites. I'll be testing things out such as webcomic coding, paneling comics, linework/coloring/shading tests, figuring out how I want certain features like speech bubbles, font/font size, and so on.

I may turn this into more of a random artwork dump and a place to post about the world building info for my comics.


Updates: Whenever I finish some content, will be sporadic


Tags: anthro, furry, furries, creatures, test comic, world building

Last update: 4th Jan 2022
Random Art Dump
A place for me to post all the fan art I draw of other's comics, art trades, comic trades, community projects, and more. It's also a chance for me to help promote the comics I like so others can find and read them too.

*If for any reason you want me to remove fan art I have done of your comic please let me know and I will remove it immediately.

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