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formerly Abayx
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Registration date: 2nd Jan 2012
Last seen: 17th Sep 2019, 4:30 AM
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About Me
I love to draw comics like everybody on this site.
I'm an aspiring cartoonist with a love of chocolate.

StephGuzDoodles's Webcomics
Chaos In The PentHouse
Maria Navarro must finally grow up and get a job. Her first job is to run a popular inn owned by her father and meet some interesting new people along the way, as well as meeting some old friends.
Last update: 19th Nov 2016
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Evil PentHouse
Meet Maria Rabbit,Owner of A 5 Star Hotel for Villains with her Roommate Skitz the Trossum (Part Troll Part Possum) and their Pet,Terrent The Dragon Cat.Seems Legit.
Last update: 11th May 2013
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