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There are three sides of me, as shown in my comic, You Guest It;

Kevin; the side that is most like the real me, who doesn't take idiocy all that well, and is often the most serious.

Kenth; the side that is the inner me, who is both 1337 and a n00b, but has potential.

Steve; the side that i hide behind on the interwebs, who is, for the most part, a total nut bar.

Kenth and Kevin get in arguments of who is better, and Steve lurks the interwebs, and sold the his soul and Kevin's soul to wikimedia, google, and tvtropes, Kenth and Kevin share half a brain (Steve's), and when you get all three in the same room at the same time, you can never guess what will happen, no matter what you guess. Even I get confused about this stuff sometimes, but you get used to it... eventually. Well, that describes me quite well, actually... cool.

I wish I was still naive enough to be proud of that stuff, but at least I'm proud of who I am. And who I was is still a part of me, and making me better every day.

As long as you still breath, it's never too late to try again. It's time to try again.

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You Guest It You Guest It
yah, it's just to keep track of the guest comics i make, or is it? i am not sure myself...
updates once in a blue moon

may update as often as once a week, to as seldom as when ever an author feels like it.

if you want to make a guest comic, want a comic made for you, or want to be a guest, email Steve/Kenth at if you want to know specifics about the choices, still email Steve/Kenth, cause after all, this is a guest web comic. just don't spam Steve/Kenth, he won't like it.

Number of confirmed residents of the Here Building; 5

This comic is for the most part in an indefinent hiatus.

Last update: 25th Mar 2011
Graphic Violence / Gore