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Last seen: 30th Nov 2015, 2:35 AM
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Hey there! I'm just your average, young, amateur, and newbie sketcher/writer, at your service. While I kind of want to be an author when I get older, I'm also thinking about becoming an illustrator and maybe a cartoonist. For one thing, I have a craving for drawing, and it feels like something I can improve in. For the other, I just like watching cartoons (especially the older and the under-appreciated ones), and I sort of recently started to like reading webcomics online.
It won't be much right now, but I'm hoping that in the future I'll be able to think of some short comics or starters to post up. I can't be sure. For now though, I'll be sticking around to read the comics, and since this is a nice enough community, maybe hang out in the forums sometimes. :) Hopefully, I'll learn something here as well.
I'll see where God takes me after this. :)
-Strange Kidd