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Registration date: 19th Jan 2012
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StufferofLegends's Webcomics
Sonichu Fan Jam: Prideful
A retelling of fans and Christorians of CWC's web comic epic in comic jam format.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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My Left Nipple
This is a weird little comic I've been working on semi-regularly since August and intend to continue in the near future. Hopefully you'll have a lot fun reading it.

The first panel is actually the starting panel of a comic jam at greasymoose dot com that has been going on since September 2011, and counts among its contributors beside other fine men the one and only Sexual Lobster, the genius Squid Fiend behind trippy flash masterpieces such as Pleasure Island 3 or Dance of The Manwhore. You can check it out and\or contribute at

Something tells me I should warn you: the comic you are about to read contains rather strange amounts of violence, strong language, painful word plays, utter mindfuckery and visible nipples from all genders and races that may or may not be hazardous to your good taste and mental health.

Last update: 11th Dec 2012
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Gooseman runs for office
This is a comic I've been working on this summer. I nagged the great Chris Voigt aka SexuaLobster if he could give me a script of his I could draw, and he gave me the utterly glorious storyboard of Gooseman runs for office, an epic and heart warming tale of an Australian organ merchant simply known as Gooseman and his desire to become Prime Minister. The plot as well as the bulk of dialogues is written by Chris, but he was also kind enough to let me add some of my own stuff. I really like the results, and hope that you will too!

In case you haven't seen any of the Lobster Master's fangasmic flash animations, I'd advise you to look up the following sublimely deranged animations to give you a bit of background:

Crabs Happened

Moose Love

Parliament Deathmatch

Have fun!

Last update: 13th Dec 2012
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(R)ain't nuttin you can do
Here's a one shot I was supposed to do for a comic jam competition on, but couldn't finish it in time due to various reasons (the filthy details are up to your imagination). Nevertheless I'll upload it here, hopefully it will be to your liking. Oh, and the sequel of My Left Nipple is coming, pinky promise!
Last update: 29th Feb 2012
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